Before I start, I would like to note that I did not know Raffaele prior to selling my property.

I took a chance when I saw his face on an ad and I do not regret that decision.

Selling my home was something I had no experience with as this was my first property.

In my situation, I can attest that after recieving certain offers I was upset and wanted to respond accordingly.

If it were not for Raffaele who took the time to discuss with me and explain how all of this functions I probably would have never recieved the offer I did. To prove my point, the offer I accepted was with someone who had made me an initial offer on my property and someone I was willing to brush aside and no longer deal with as I was extremely upset.

If it were not for Raffaele, I would have not sold at the price I was looking for or probably with my attitude would have taken a much longer time.

Rafaelle took charge and led me to the point where I recieved exactly what I wanted.

To top it all off ,I now consider him a friend. I believe it is very important to deal with people who are compasionate and motivated and love what they do. Raffaele is exactly all of this and more.